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Planting plan

This service is for people who are happy with their garden layout but would like a new planting scheme. The service involves:

  • visiting the site and discussing the design brief with you

  • measuring and photographing the site

  • drafting a plant list, including maintenance schedule and detailed planting plan.

This work usually takes between 10-30 hours, depending on the scale of the site, budget and size of project. We are happy to work within a set number of hours within each stage to suit your requirements and budget. 


Our hourly rate for design work is $125 + GST per hour.


Travel outside Lower Hutt is charged at $0.95/km + GST.


We can also source the plants for you, lay them out in your garden and assist with planting if required.

We work with reputable landscapers who are selected depending on the project requirements and their specialities.


$ / m2

$500 - $1000

$2000 - 4000

Planting plan hand drawn
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