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Garden in a Pot exhibition at NZ Flower and Garden Show

I'm very excited, the pot for my 'Garden in a Pot' display at the New Zealand Flower and Garden Show has just been delivered. My pot will be part of an exhibition by Garden Design Society NZ members. The show is being held at the Trusts Arena in Auckland from 28 November - 2 December.

Sneak peek - here is the pot that I will be planting up, the gorgeous Atlantis Garland Urn by 4 Seas Ceramics (supplied by Willory Pots).

Garland Urn by 4 Seas Ceramics

The concept for my pot is 'Beneath the Sea'. The pot design is inspired by an underwater sea scape. Plants and flowers will mimic the form and colour of sea creatures and seaweed. The pot itself represents sunken treasure salvaged from the sea. It has a rustic patina, which makes it look like an ancient artefact ravaged by the sea.

My 'Garden in a Pot' will be available to purchase at the show. A portion of the proceeds from the sale will go to the Breast Cancer Foundation.

I hope to see you there!



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